Non-places of Wanderlust

This project aims to interrogate the relationships between digital photography, non-places and technologies of travel. The popular practice of taking a photo through an airplane window, often showing the aircraft’s wing, was my point of focus. What happens to such an image when taken in isolation from the narrative of a specific trip, when it has no point of departure and no destination? Does it become the photographic depiction of the airplane as a quintessential non-place? I obtained many such photographs through travel-related social media (CouchSurfing) by asking users to participate in my project and send me their window airplane photographs. The outcome of this project  took shape as a print publication juxtaposing a selection of the images that I received with quotes from Marc Augé’s “Non-places: an introduction to Supermodernity” and other related essays, as well as my own reflections. Read it in PDF below. 

April 2013.