Hi there, thanks for visit. 

You're probably here because you want to find out about me. So here we go.

I was born in Spain from Romanian parents. I've lived in Montreal most of my life and in Barcelona for a year. I speak four languages: English, French, Spanish and Romanian.

I'm a DJ and music maker under the name softcoresoft. I've played at Discwoman events, Piknic Électronik, Igloofest, LIP and numerous raves. You can hear my selections on Ravelength, my monthly radio show on n10.as ('antennas') radio. Devon Hansen and I have a music duo called Demora, which premiered at MUTEK Montreal in August 2017. 

I'm also a writer at LANDR. I cover topics like music, artist interviews, sound production and creativity. I curate and run the LANDR Talk:Music event series. 

In terms of education, I hold a Communication Studies Bachelor's from Concordia University (Montreal). I am also finishing a Master's in Media Studies at the same institution.  

My professional experience includes about a year of communications coordination in the art world (LOOP Barcelona, La Centrale) and at a social enterprise focused on permaculture (P3 Permaculture). Other fields I've worked in are media research (Concordia University), high-end retail (ibiki, m0851) and specialty coffee (which I've also written about for Sprudge.com).

If you have any question, just ask :~)

Photo by Thomas Archambault.

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