Leticia Trandafir is an electronic musician, cultural organizer and Music Director at Never Apart.  

softcoresoft is her DJ and producer moniker, which has appeared on lineups including MUTEK Montréal, Piknic Électronik, Igloofest, LIP, Discwoman events and countless underground soirées in Montreal, Toronto, New York, Berlin, Barcelona and more. Demora—her music collaboration with producer Devon Hansen—was premiered at MUTEK Montreal 2017. You can hear her music selections on Ravelength, a monthly radio show hosted on n10.as ('antennas'), Montreal’s independent online radio station. She is also part of the rave collective Lagom, who is behind the Power Puerto Rico compilation.

Leticia was previously content creator at LANDR, where she curated and ran the LANDR Talk:Music event series. While living in Spain, she worked as a communications coordinator at LOOP Barcelona, a platform for artist films and video art. Leticia was also head of communication for a permaculture design firm in Montreal, P3 Permaculture.

Graduating from Communication Studies at Concordia University, her work as a researcher for David and Kathleen Ritter’s "Reprise" was part of the exhibition In Search of Expo 67, shown at the Contemporary Art Museum of Montreal in 2017. 

Leticia was born in Spain from Romanian parents. She works and lives in Montreal, Canada.